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Mar 07

Meeting - March 6, 2023

Posted to City Commission Meeting Recap by Rachel Richter Lordemann

West Fargo City Commission Meeting, March 6, 2023

We are recapping the March 6 West Fargo City Commission Meeting. You can watch the full meeting for more details on each item and view the agenda and item materials in the Agenda Center.

These items were approved by the Commission at the March 6 meeting: 

Public Works:

  • The implementation of the F.R.O.G (Fats, Rags, Oils, Grease) policy to work with local bars and restaurants to prevent F.R.O.G materials from entering our waste water.
  • A bulk purchase of digital water meters to be installed in new homes and commercial construction in 2023.
  • The purchase of a replacement salt/sand truck for the snow removal fleet.

Planning and Zoning/Economic Development:

  • Two new members appointed to the Economic Development Advisory Committee
  • First reading of a proposed zooming ordinance change to reduce barriers for child care providers.

West Fargo Fire Department:

  • Application for the FEMA Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant to assist in the hiring of 15 new firefighters.
  • Ride Up pay policy to Captain and Battalion Chief vacancies during to vacation, sick, or personal time off and to give firefighters hands-on training opportunities in command staff positions.
  • Revised contract for window coverings at Fire Department HQ.


  • 2023 IT Department Budget amended to update technology infrastructure to address security and operational concerns.

Topics presented by Commissioners:

  • Commissioner Mark Simmons - The City of West Fargo will publish a Request for Proposals for a new multiuse development on 32nd Avenue near the West Fargo Sports Area that may include a hotel, commercial and residential space, and an additional hockey rink. This project is part of a Public Private Partnership (P3) with West Fargo Public Schools. 
  • Commissioner Mandy George - First reading of an update to the truck route ordinance with changes to make the ordinance easier for drivers to understand.
  • Commissioner Mark Simmons – The Commission President will delegate two commissioners to sit on the hiring committee of all department heads. Previously administration delegated the hiring committee.
  • Commissioner Mark Simmons – Staff are directed to prepare an amendment to the Employee Policy Manual to implement annual performance reviews.
Sep 24

Why is branding important to our community?

Posted to City of West Fargo Branding by Melissa Richard

Do you know the top 5 most valuable brands in the world? They are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.1 Each name likely conjures up an emotion, image, or expectation because of their products, service, and branding. 

When a potential resident, business, or visitor thinks about West Fargo, we want to offer an authentic story that helps them understand what this community is about. This is especially important for business. For the past 20 years, residential development has outpaced commercial development. This has led to commercial properties only providing 30% of the valuation for property taxes in West Fargo. 

To help that percentage grow, the City's comprehensive plan prioritizes developing a distinct brand to support economic growth. The plan also highlights a vision for West Fargo that an enhanced brand will help us achieve. The vision was created through public feedback and calls for West Fargo to become:

  • Vibrant - with dynamic economic, educational, and cultural opportunities that support our citizens by growing our local economy, encouraging local businesses, and improving the arts.
  • Authentic - with a distinctive sense of place and community identity that is uniquely West Fargo, creating places that are interesting, beautiful, useful, and likely to provide long-standing value.
  • Bold - moves forward with initiatives and programs secure in the knowledge that we are worthy of the best, and staying one step ahead of peer cities in innovation, creativity, prosperity, and quality of life.
  • Proactive - plans for future success rather than react to today's outcomes.

Chandlerthinks, the City of West Fargo's community marketing consultant, also cautions that if a city doesn't define itself, others will define it for you.

"Truth is, we must be the narrator of our story. When we fail to do so, the dominant message may create a negative conversation that affects consumer attitudes towards our destination."2

We'll be kicking off the City's branding study with public feedback events the week of October 4. We hope you join us at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 6, to help shape the brand of West Fargo.

1 The 2020 World's Most Valuable Brands. Forbes.

2 Why branding places matters now more than ever. Chandlerthinks.